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At Tapestry, flavor is foremost.  

Familiar flavors. Unexpected flavors.  
Threads of flavor drawn from the world over and interwoven in dishes of refreshing originality.



Hints of Indian spice enliven a plate of southern-fried chicken and slaw.  A tender Italian risotto is garnished with a potent Indian tarka.  All-American cornmeal joins the Indian staple, rice flour, to give the frito misto a deliciously light yet firm crispness.  A chile-lime vinaigrette transports a salad to the tropics. 

Through centuries of colonization and trade, India's cuisine has been influenced by other cultures -- and has made its own distinctive imprint in return.  On this foundation of exchange and experimentation, a gifted Indian chef is inspired to add to the layers with flavors and techniques encountered on his travels and in his new American homeland, presenting a menu that combines the best elements of many worlds.


"Tapestry," says chef Suvir Saran,"is all about sharing the foods
of our small global village. What pleasure!"



Within New York City's West Village, a haven of urbanity with innate village charm, a sophisticated restaurant presents Global cuisine in a comforting new light.  


Its design is clean and contemporary, striking and spare.  An interior governed by rational geometry and a restrained palette of natural materials makes way for 'tapestries' of vibrant flavors on every plate emerging from the kitchen.  

tapestry restaurant interior
tapestry restaurant interior painting art

Handsome expanses of whitewashed brick, refined woodwork, subdued brass, and cool white marble underscore the value of craftsmanship, as well as artistry, at Tapestry.  


For a spontaneous meal, take a seat at the bar.  The adjacent dining area shares its relaxed energy, while a secluded space beyond ensures a more intimate dining experience.  

tapestry bar restaurant nyc
tapestry restaurant interior design

A room at the rear can be closed off completely for private events, and a chef's table on the lower level affords guests an exclusive view of the culinary team in action.

Suvir Saran chef tapestry


Suvir Saran

Born in New Delhi and triumphant in the New York restaurant world, Chef Suvir Saran embraces the best in Indian and American cooking. With Roni Mazumdar, he has developed Tapestry as both a laboratory and a theater for his broad-minded culinary vision.

Saran was chef of the first Indian restaurant to be granted a Michelin star, and now chairs the Asian Culinary Studies Department of the Culinary Institute of America.   He has three acclaimed cookbooks to his credit.  A frequent contributor to Food Arts and The Wall Street Journal, he is also in-demand as a guest speaker and teacher, and has been featured on the Food Network's Iron Chef and Bravo's Top Chef Masters.  At his organic farm in upstate New York, Saran raises heritage breeds and spends quality time - where else? - in the kitchen.


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